Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to 4th International Congress of Turkish Neuroendocrinology Society. The meeting will be organized at Yeditepe University in Istanbul (Turkey) between 10 – 12th April 2020. There will be a workshop on methods in neuroendocrinology research on 10th April (Friday) and, the opening session and keynote lecture will be held on the evening of the same day.

This international meeting is organized to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Turkish Neuroendocrinology Society. We aim to prepare a stimulating scientific program and attract participants from several national and international institutions. The scientific program will include keynote lectures, symposia, a panel, oral and poster sessions in all aspects of neuroendocrinology. Invited speakers include Professors Gazi Yaşargil, Robert Millar, Stafford Lightman, Kevin O’Byrne, William Colledge, Fahrettin Keleştemur, John Speakman, Ali Kemal Topaloğlu, Alex Verkhratsky and Emre Yakşi. A friendly environment is expected to promote fruitful discussions and networking among colleagues and early career scientists.

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the scientific board and published in an electronic Abstract Book. In addition, selected abstracts presented at the meeting will be published in an online supplement issue of the Neuroendocrinology.

I look forward to seeing you to Istanbul this spring to celebrate and enjoy the 4th International Congress of Turkish Neuroendocrinology Society.

Congress Chairs
Prof. Dr. Bayram YILMAZ (Yeditepe University)
Prof. Dr. Ahmet AYAR (President, Turkish Neuroendocrinology Society)




Prof. Dr. M. Gazi Yaşargil

Yeditepe University

Prof. Dr. Robert Millar

President, the International Neuroendocrine Federation

Prof. Dr. Stafford Lightman

University of Bristol

Prof. Dr. William Colledge

University of Cambridge

Prof. Dr. John Speakman

University of Aberdeen

Prof. Dr. Kevin O’Byrne

King’s College London

Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal Topaloğlu

Çukurova Üniversitesi &

University of Mississippi

Prof. Dr. Alex Verkhratsky

University of Manchester

Prof. Dr. Emre Yakşi

Norwagian University of Science and Technology

Prof. Mike Ludwig

University of Edinburgh

Professor Suzzanne Dickson

University of Gothenburg

Dr. Tim Wells

University of Cardiff